Thursday, September 14, 2006

Get Your Open Source Here...

Talk about a really great resource - a site that provides open source alternatives to the most popular commercial software packages. And very nicely put together I might add, which in my opinion DOES contribute to its net usefulness:)

The site is, "Open Source as an Alternative" and can be found at The premise behind the site is a listing of the most popular proprietary software matched to their open source alternative offerings. Just type in Cognos in the search engine, and brings you Pentaho! Niiiccce:)

Of course, this site is useful in so many ways - I can now get the top listed open source alternatives for my photo editing software, my HTML wysiwyg editor, my mapping software, oh the list goes on.

Working in open source, I forget what it was like, being a newbie in the open source world, and trying to figure out what project does what. But I can bet that makes it a bit nicer for open source novices to get a grip... which from all we hear, there are droves of new open source adoptees everyday.

By the way, I can't take all the credit for finding - my co-worker Brian forwarded it to me, thanks a bunch Brian!