Thursday, July 20, 2006

As Good a Time As Any...

So, it's time to participate in this blogging rage. I lead the community for open source business intelligence, the Pentaho Nation, and I am always looking for new ways to get "the message" out.

Of course, today is the day before I leave to tour the Nova Scotia area of Canada for ten days, so blogging on business intelligence may have to take the backseat to the review of my Canada experience. We are looking forward to whales and puffins, amazing state parks, lots of natural beauty and some well-earned downtime. Yes, I will be taking my laptop. A day in the life of a start-up engineer:)

When I get back, look forward to a series of experiments with the Pentaho BI Platform I intend to take on. Mostly involving better intelligence for the Pentaho community. Things like, how does the community help steer the Pentaho roadmap? How many steps from Kevin Bacon are some other open source communities? Where are the specific projects that the Pentaho community can run with?