Friday, August 20, 2010

Pentaho Architect's Bootcamp Training Now Available

Last week, I had the pleasure of offering our very first 5-day session of the Pentaho Architect's Bootcamp training, and overall, it was a big success!

There comes a point in many advanced deployments of the Pentaho BI Suite where some feature or requirement pushes the boundaries of the out-of-the-box product capabilities. Since the beginning of Pentaho time, we've marched to the beat of "make it possible first, then make it pretty/easy", and it's this scenario where our approach pays big dividends to our customers/community/users. Because the platform/server/tools were built for extensibility, there are numerous places where you can roll up your sleeves and leverage a simple API to implement a customization that suits your specific requirements.

The Pentaho Architect's Bootcamp is geared for developers, partners, customers, consultants that are ready to roll up their sleeves and understand the complex problems that are surfacing in large scale BI implementations, and how to extend the Pentaho suite of products to answer far more questions and customizations than the boundaries of the out-of-the-box product.

Here's a sampling of some of the questions that are answered during Architect Bootcamp training:

  • How do I integrate my own custom visualizations (maps, charts, gauges, etc) into Pentaho?
  • How do I accommodate multiple companies/groups/organizations' data in my solutions, while maintaining each companies/groups/organizations' personal point of view of the data?
  • How do I dynamically drive row level security in Pentaho Analysis and Pentaho Metadata?
  • How do I integrate Pentaho solution content into my own application?
  • How do I customize security across the Pentaho platform and pillars?
  • How do I create integrated solutions using ETL, reporting, analysis and metadata to deliver my customer's specific solutions?
  • How do I plug my custom content into the Pentaho BI Server? How do I then integrate my custom data/functionality with the Pentaho pillars (ETL, reporting, analysis, metadata, etc)?
I really believe this course is a game-changer for Pentaho users and solution developers. I teach the course, so don't take just my word for it. Here's some feedback we received from the first course offering:

"We traveled from India to Florida for this course, and we are extremely glad that we did. The information is very valuable."

"The presentation was excellent, [I e]specially liked the interactive nature of the class."

"All of the lessons uncovered new boundaries; all topics had more priority!"

"YEEEEAAAA.. just built my first Pentaho BI Server plugin... Pentaho Architect's Bootcamp RULES!!! #Pentaho @Pentaho"

"Day 4 Pentaho Architect's Bootcamp brought so many excitements, I loved it. even though my brain feels like it's going to explode!! #Pentaho"