Friday, September 29, 2006

Check Out Pentaho Training

I recently sat in a meeting with our new Product Manager, Jake Cornelius, listening to some great feedback on a Pentaho training session he recently attended.

I worked with Jake back in my Hyperion days, so I can confidently say that Jake is pretty great guy who isn't one to blow wind up your shorts for heck-all's sake. He's a strong leader and has deep insight into BI, having worked in the industry for umpteen (a great figure when you don't have a precise number, but it's been pretty much forever) years.

I asked Jake to send me his thoughts on the session, so I could share them with my ever growing blog-base :) So here's the review, and I hope this helps anyone on the fence about investing in Pentaho training come on over.


We recently rolled out our new training series on Building Analytic Solutions using the Pentaho BI Platform. The 4-day event, held September 18-22 in Orlando, was a huge success and confirmed Pentaho’s position as the global leader in Open Source Business Intelligence. Attendees from Japan, Columbia, Canada and around the US were present to learn how Pentaho’s BI Platform will help their organizations unleash the valuable information currently held hostage in proprietary data stores and transactional systems. The course was facilitated by Dave Reinke and Brian Senseman of OpenBI. In four short days, Dave and Brian lead attendees through an end-to-end BI implementation example from ETL using Pentaho Data Integration Services, to reporting with Pentaho Reporting Services and the BI Platform, to interactive analysis using Pentaho Analysis Services. Unlike conventional product training courses we’ve all sat through that focus on “this feature does x, and that feature does y”, OpenBI leveraged real world examples and best practices from their years in BI consulting to teach the class how to build enterprise-class solutions using Pentaho. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, here are just a few of the comments we received from the attendees:

“Great class!”

“Thanks for the course. There were a lot of interesting ideas talked about.”

“This has been a great class and I have learned quite a bit. Perhaps more importantly, I have gained confidence in both the quality of the software and my ability to use it efficiently.”

If you are currently investigating Pentaho for an upcoming BI project, I strongly recommend you consider attending one of our upcoming training courses. A current list of planned training courses can be found on our website at .

Jake Cornelius
Product Manager

Hopefully we'll here more from Jake in the near future, as he will be a key player in helping Pentaho deliver project roadmaps out to the community. The entire team (me especially:) is insanely excited about that endeavor, so you can imagine how happy we are to have Jake on board!

Of course, COMMUNITY voices are heard the loudest, so I invite the Pentaho Nation to comment here, email me at, or post in our forums what it is that YOU need on those roadmaps!


punyavathi siva said...

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punyavathi siva said...

thank you for your great information on pentaho bi trainings
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