Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dynamically Generating a Cross Tab Report, Part 2

So, I thought it would take me a week or two to finish up this article from Nic Guzaldo, a strong supporter of the Pentaho platform. It ended up taking almost a month, which tells me I am long overdue for updating my calendar and planner.

With many apologies for the delay, I present to the Pentaho community the long-awaited second half to "Dynamically Generating a Cross Tab Report". In Part 2, we pick up where we left off and use the query that we derived in the first article to feed into a Pentaho report template. Actually, we will use several mini templates that demonstrate template re-use and assembling with parameters, very cool stuff. Our template will have several replaceable parameters that will accommodate our variable number of columns, a dynamically generated report title, and a nice name for any output files we generate, should the user choose to output their report to a format such as Excel, RTF, PDF, etc.

This exercise is a giant hand up for Pentaho users who really need to see it all come together - JNDI, dynamic queries, parameter passing, report templates, variable output formats, and much more! Great luck and please do send me some feedback! I'd love to know if these articles are helpful, and what topics you would like to see in future articles:)

all the best,