Friday, September 15, 2006

Analytics For Bugzilla

If you are a Bugzilla user, you really should check this out. My friend Nick Goodman came up with a Pentaho solution that takes Bugzilla data, ETL's it into palatable OLAP format, and uses the rest of the Pentaho Open BI Suite to provide analytics and reporting - that you could NEVER get out of Bugzilla alone.

For example, how about historical based analysis, such as running total net open bugs by product, year over year, with the capability to drill into details? Or current issues, by status and product? These are the reports that product managers, project managers, development managers and software engineers need to manage the timeline, scope and releases for a software project.

Let Bugzilla do what it does best - track your bugs. Let Software Quality Reporting for Bugzilla unlock the information captured in your bug tracking. To try it out, go to the SourceForge project at, and download the solution and the Getting Started Guide. It takes about 15 minutes to set up, and the demo is up and running. Another 30 minutes or so and you can have the solution hooked up to your Bugzilla data!