Saturday, October 08, 2011

Pentaho and OpenMRS Integration

We have a great opportunity to explore how Pentaho can provide ETL, analytics, and reporting benefits to OpenMRS, an open source medical records platform and community interested in global health care.

Check out the first projects underway, and decide if you have time to participate:

Pentaho ETL and Designs for Dimensional Modeling

Cohort Queries as Pentaho Reporting Datasource
This project still needs a lead developer; we'd like to have these projects run in tandem.

To get involved, feel free to email me directly, or contact any of the OpenMRS mentors listed in the projects.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Can you update Pentaho, openMRS in the context of DW/BI? The chief architect of openMRS mentioned Pentaho:

Gretchen Moran said...

Hi there,

The short answer is yes, this is very possible. The longer answer is in the specifics of modeling openMRS data in such a way that you can build multi-dimensional and metadata models against the relevant openMRS data facts that you are interested in.

I read Burke's comments on your openMRS thread, and I agree wholeheartedly with him that big data solutions paired with Pentaho can get you closer more efficiently to what you are looking for - analytics against openMRS I presume. Pentaho has first line integration capabilities for many different Hadoop distributions as well as several NoSQL options.

You can get more information on Pentaho solutions and products as well as feedback from the community of users, developers and customers @

Hope this helps!