Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Blogging on Pentaho, a Favorite

The Pentaho team spans several countries, and it's not always easy to keep up with the mountainous amount of activity among our projects and people. This has spurred a number of team members to begin blogging.

Here is a short list of Pentaho bloggers, some new, some not so new. These are definitely a few of the people who can tell you where Pentaho is and where we are going:
Nick Goodman is Pentaho Director of Solutions, and just an a
all around knowledgable guy when it comes to open source AND business intelligence.
Matt Casters is the founder of Kettle, the Pentaho Data Integration piece and Chief Architect of Data Integration for Pentaho. In a past life, Matt was an independent BI consultant for many years and implemented numerous data warehouses and BI solutions for large companies.
Julian Hyde is the founder of Mondrian, THE open source OLAP server, and the OLAP server component of Pentaho. Julian brings his expertise to Pentaho as Chief Architect of OLAP Technologies.


shail said...

I am trying to create Crosstab report using Hierarchy structure,have achieved most of the parts using Crosstab other group(Crosstab Page Group) Functionality,It is showing correct values at first time,but once I close the report i won't be open it again and it is showing "CASTING" error and the error because of Crosstab Other Group functionality.

Please find the below sample example for more details.

Crosstab January February March
America 500 700 765
Australia 555 453 654
Germany 300 600 700
France 543 800 500
India 500 300 200
China 700 800 900

Is their any other way to achive this functionality in PRD or any Other way to eliminate CASTING error so that,reopen my report again without any problem?

Any help on this will be much appreciated.